What is CARL Tracking?

CARL is an intelligent tracking system that allows you to have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are secure. You can locate the tracker, recieve SOS message and more!


The Carl Series features three unique tracking variations, One SOS tracker, a Pet Tracker and Kids GPS Watch.

Emergency Signal

Send an SOS signal to your emergency contact and those authorized by the administrator. The SOS signal will send out a Text message to authorized guardians, such as Family and friends, with the exact location of the tracker.

Security Area

Set up Geo-Fences to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Once the tracker leaves the designated geo-fence a push notifiation and text message will be sent to inform you.


CARL SOS is, thanks to its numerous security features, the perfect companion in the most varied situations. Whether in the forest, at major events such as music festivals, sporting activities such as jogging or as an alternative to cell phone for seniors. CARL SOS is always by your side.

Locating by CARL App

Safety and Trust

CARL SOS gives you a high level of safety and can be located and tracked with an app (compatible with Apple iOS and Android). That’s why you can have simple overview of where your favorite relatives are at any given time.
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The all-rounder

Small and unobtrusive

Thanks to its compact design CARL SOS offers the best security features that fit right in your pocket. Long battery life, geo-fence for the personal safety area, SOS button and meter accurate location via GPS make CARL SOS your personal security expert.

SOS emergency call function

Just a press of a button

If the SOS button is pressed, you and 6 of the preset contacts will receieve an emergency SMS and push notifications with the exact coordinates.

5 reasons for CARL

1. SOS Button

The designated emergency contact will be immediately informed by SMS when the SOS button is activated. Furthermore, the CARL SOS will send an SMS and in-app push notifications to, up to, 6 preassigned contacts.

2. Secure and Fast Tracking

Given the advanced encrypted data system and along with stable German servers all GPS data transmitted is securely protected against misuse from third parties.

3. No Fidden Fees / Additional Costs

There are no extra or hidden costs when purchasing the CARL Tracker. Choose freely between pre-paid SIM cards or via your local service provider for the appropriate contract necessary for your needs. Aside from the purchase of the tracker, we do not take any extra costs for use of the tracker systems.

4. Automatic Alarm When Geo-fence is Crossed

Set up geo-fences with a radius of up to 5km for security, safety and peace of mind. When the tracker crosses the designated borders an alarm will be sent through the CARL App notifying you the exact location of your loved ones. Allowing your family members both freedom and security.

5. Real Time Tracking

Should your family member be travelling under 15km/h the tracking icon on the CARL App will be indicated with a green icon, as soon as the travelling speed increases to more than 15km/h the frequency of data transmission will change to once a minute and the icon will be indicated red. This is to ensure the exact and precise location of your loved ones when moving at high speeds.

Battery Life

Hours (7 Days)


2 Meter

Through GPS tracking

Light Weight

Grams (Very light)

CARL SOS Tracker

  • Positioning anytime, anywhere
  • Reliable localization via GPS
  • Secure connection to your phone / tablet
  • Security area via customized Geo-fence
  • Track the current movement in real time via CARL App


  • Mini screwdriver
  • Charging cable
  • User manual

Dimensions / General Data

  • 63 x 40 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Battery: integrated (1.500 mAh)
  • Housing: ABS und PC

Product Features

  • Very compact
  • color: gray
  • Accuracy: 2-5 Meter
  • SIM card: Nano-size (sold separately)
  • Supported frequencies: GSM850 / EGSM900 / DCS1800 / PCS1900


139,00 €
  • GPS Tracker for pets
  • Automatic Geo-Fence
  • Inclusive CARL Tracking APP (Android and iOS)
  • Track your pets in Real Time with the CARL APP
  • Authorize other users e.g: relatives, dog sitter etc.
  • Easy to attach to the collar
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Safety for your children
179,00 €
  • GPS Tracker for kids + Automatic Geo-Fence
  • CARL App included + Track current movement in real time
  • SOS Alarm – calls, sends text and push notifications when pressed + Control of CARL Kids on APP
  • Two-way communication (CARL Kids can make and receive calls)
  • CARL Kids contacts are preset to prevent strangers from calling your child
  • Authorize users to access the APP e.g: siblings / teachers etc.
  • Set School mode- to silence and disable certain functions
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